Fulbright Fun!

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As a Global Engagement Fellow I am required to apply for a Fulbright my senior year. As a (mostly) normal person I really want to be accepted. So I’ve already begun planning my application, scop... Read More

India Appreciation

I want to go to India soooo bad! I have for years! Originally I thought I would study abroad in India (but that obviously didn’t happen). I just find their culture and traditions fascinating. Th... Read More

Pay it Forward

One of the requirements of the Global Engagement program is joining an International group every year. For the past two years I have gotten involved with OU Cousins, but I decided to take a different ... Read More

I’m Back!

Well I’m finally back at OU! I just finished up my second week of junior year, and I can tell it’s going to be an interesting 12 months. While I was sad to leave Hatfield and I am definite... Read More

The view from your window

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I’ve been home for about two weeks now, and settling back in with my family and my old routines has been a very interesting experience. I find myself thinking back to the places I’ve been ... Read More

Glass half empty

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Sometimes you can make the best of a situation. And sometimes, unfortunately, you can’t. On Monday evening I said goodbye to some great friends. Except that, since I didn’t want to say goo... Read More


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When I first decided to study abroad, I was ridiculously excited. I couldn’t wait to visit new places, experience new cultures, and meet new people. But I didn’t realize at the time how th... Read More

Chasing Magic

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This is the piece that I submitted for my Genre Writing final. The italics at the beginning and end of the story are for context, because this story isn’t complete. But I hope that I can continu... Read More


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This is the piece that I turned in as my final for Becoming a Writer ———- Catalyst “Hey Isa! Do you want to grab some drinks later?” Isabelle looked up from pipetting buffer into... Read More