For the Future

So it’s finally that time. Fulbright is approaching. Dun dun dun… I’m actually really excited! I’m applying for the Fulbright a year later than I meant to because I ended up ju... Read More

Model UN

For the spring 2018 semester I did my best to stay involved with Model UN as my international group. I claimed them as my international group in the fall as well, and I liked it enough to try and keep... Read More

The Lion King

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I had the wonderful experience of seeing Disney’s The Lion King live today. And can I just say – wow! It was absolutely amazing and I honestly wish it had lasted forever. Now, I normally w... Read More


IRGs (or Informal Reading Groups for those in the know) are groups that read and discuss different novels once a week for part or all of a semester. They can be about pretty much anything, and they ca... Read More


My friends and I are planning a reunion! More details: Some of the super cool awesome friends I made at the University of Hertfordshire are trying to plan a get together this summer! I don’t kno... Read More

Fulbright Fun!

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As a Global Engagement Fellow I am required to apply for a Fulbright my senior year. As a (mostly) normal person I really want to be accepted. So I’ve already begun planning my application, scop... Read More