India Appreciation

I want to go to India soooo bad! I have for years! Originally I thought I would study abroad in India (but that obviously didn’t happen). I just find their culture and traditions fascinating. Th... Read More

Pay it Forward

One of the requirements of the Global Engagement program is joining an International group every year. For the past two years I have gotten involved with OU Cousins, but I decided to take a different ... Read More

I’m Back!

Well I’m finally back at OU! I just finished up my second week of junior year, and I can tell it’s going to be an interesting 12 months. While I was sad to leave Hatfield and I am definite... Read More

Open Mic

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A few weeks ago the GEFs had an open mic night at Second Wind Cafe; we got to know each other a little better, got coffee, and told stories. I wasn’t exactly planning o going until Jaci suggeste... Read More

Now We Wait

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Complete OU study abroad application: Check Complete Host University Application: Check Complete Phase three Preparations: Check Freak out: In Progress Study Abroad Set to Begin 01/15/2016    &#... Read More

Let’s Dance

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Last Friday night I went to the Latin Fiesta Ball, sponsored by the Latin Dance Club. I wanted to got last year, but something came up. So this year, when my roommate invited me, I jumped on the oppor... Read More


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I have recently discovered that there are approximately three phases that you go through when preparing to study abroad, which are surprisingly similar to how Alice Knightly feels in the Tim Burton ve... Read More