Chasing Magic

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This is the piece that I submitted for my Genre Writing final. The italics at the beginning and end of the story are for context, because this story isn’t complete. But I hope that I can continu... Read More


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This is the piece that I turned in as my final for Becoming a Writer ———- Catalyst “Hey Isa! Do you want to grab some drinks later?” Isabelle looked up from pipetting buffer into... Read More

Once Upon a Time…

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I decided that I didn’t like the fantasy piece that I wrote for last week, so this week I started over! I think this one is much more fun! Genre Writing – Week Six ———- ... Read More

Starting Over

This story does have some bad language in it – sorry about that. I was told to write a complete short story and title it. This is called The Fuck Off Fund and was inspired by the Observer articl... Read More

Two Worlds

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This is the first bit of a fantasy piece I’m writing. A girl who disbelieves the rumors about people who go missing in the forest goes into the forest and finds herself in a different world. Gen... Read More

The next installment

The next ~750 words of my crime piece! Genre Writing – Week Four ———- Ding-Dong! Adeline woke to the sound of her doorbell ringing with a raging hangover. She rolled out of bed... Read More

Through Your Eyes

We were talking about point-of-view in class and the module tutor told us to rewrite a story from a new point of view. So I took a new look at the piece I wrote last week, but in first person this tim... Read More

And so on

The next ~600 words of my crime story! Genre Writing – Week Three ———- Adeline stalked to her black sedan, climbed in, and sped off toward the highway. It was only 4:15 but she... Read More

You are here.

I was supposed to practice description in a story with a specific setting. Becoming a Writer – Week Three ———- The humming of the central heating system was loud and invasive, ... Read More