Global Engagement Day came! It was actually pretty cool. I hadn’t had to go to one before, because my freshman year we didn’t do it, and last year I was studying abroad, but I did enjoy it! Jaci (the not-for-much-longer GEF director) voluntold me to make a digital story for one of the session, which I did! Its about my friends from study abroad and I think its pretty cool! (just ignore the giant water mark in the corner)

I also went to the GEF story time. It was a sort-of informal get together for us to sit around and talk about the best (and worst) parts of study abroad. We caught up with each other, we asked questions, and we hung out. It was awesome.

The best part (for me) of the whole thing was that one of the presenters for story time was one of my friends who had also studied abroad in Italy. He didn’t go to Arezzo (his loss) but we could still reminisce together about the country and culture that we both fell in love with. I am totally confident in saying that one of the best parts of the Global Engagement Fellows program – besides studying abroad – is the community that we have made with each other. There will always be someone for me to talk to who understands why I have such bad wanderlust now, or why Italian food just isn’t the same anymore, because they have had either the same, or very similar experiences themselves. It’s one thing to travel all over the place and completely change your world view, but its even better with 200 people cheering you on!

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