I want to go to India soooo bad!

I have for years! Originally I thought I would study abroad in India (but that obviously didn’t happen). I just find their culture and traditions fascinating. The meaning behind everything their jewelry and dances and clothing is absolutely beautiful and I want to go loose myself in it! I’m hoping if I get the Fulbright that I’m applying for (application opens in 4 months! EEK!) I’ll get to take a vacation in India, since I’ll be so much closer than I am now.

So naturally, when India Week rolled around on campus I got very excited. I only had time to go to one event for the week (curse my jobs!) but luckily it was the one I wanted to go to the most! The Indian Student Association had their philanthropy last Wednesday night and it was a Henna night! All proceeds from the Henna went to their charity – providing housing for homeless children in India – so I didn’t feel bad at all about going all out!


The girl that did this beautiful design on my hand is part of the Indian Student Association and we spent the whole time talking about India! She gave me tips on when to visit and where to go, she even suggested some new Bollywood movies for me to watch (after we talked about how awesome Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge is). She’s pretty awesome and I’m happy to say that we are now friends! I’m super excited to watch some new movies over Christmas Break!

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