Ebola= really bad stuff. On the bright side it was half a world away from me and my safe haven known as the University of Oklahoma. Or it was until September 30th, 2014. Once Ebola reared its head a little closer to home than I’d like, I began to get a little nervous. What are we up against? Apparently I wasn’t the only one who was getting a little nervous because the University decidedto have a Roundtable discussion about Ebola: what it is, where it comes from, why the outbreak is so bad, and what can be done about it.

Here’s my reflection:

The Ebola Roundtable discussion was very informative and reassuring. One of the biggest problems with Ebola in America is the perception of the virus. Personally, I was worried about what would happen when the first case of Ebola was diagnosed in America, and I know I wasn’t the only one. Even when those infected began to recover, and it began to look like the disease was under control in the United States, I was still nervous because I didn’t know anything about Ebola beyond what I had heard through unreliable sources. The speakers at the Ebola Roundtable discussion gave me enough information to calm me down about the virus. They analyzed and explained everything from where Ebola originated and how it is spread to the real reasons the outbreak in Africa has been so bad, which has more to do with location and preparedness than the deadliness of the virus. Besides having new knowledge of Ebola that I can actually trust, it was nice to hear professionals speaking calmly about the problem. The Roundtable discussion reminded me the importance of fact checking what other people tell me; it is always better to believe the people who know what they are talking about over people who only repeat what others have told them.

One thought on “It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Ebola!!!

  1. I’m glad you have more peace of mind after attending this event!

    As I am traveling to Tanzania this summer, I have received many reactions from people about how I better be careful because of Ebola. I just cringe every time I hear that because it’s nowhere near Tanzania, and if people would just take the steps you did to get educated on the issue, they may realize that, and they may even take steps to help those who are actually in danger. Thanks for being an informed citizen!

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