For the spring 2018 semester I did my best to stay involved with Model UN as my international group. I claimed them as my international group in the fall as well, and I liked it enough to try and keep up with it. The meetings weren’t at a super convient time for me to attend, but I did my best.

One of the things that kept me interested in the Model United Nations group was the amount of time we spent on international events. I’ve been a part of a handful of different internationally oriented groups in my day at OU, but with this we actually took time to discuss world events and keep ourselves appraised of the state of the world, which was amazing. Even better, the OU Model UN went to a conference with other universities to simulate an acutal United Nations session. I didn’t get to go, but watching the care that everyone put into it was amazing. The coolest part, however, was putting on a mock conference for Norman’s middle and high school Model UN programs. Watching younger kids get passionate about international cooperation is probably one of the most inspiring and hopeful things I will ever see.

The United Nations is all about communications and I think that’s a large part of the reason I enjoyed the organization so much. I think that a lot of the worlds problems could be fixed, or at least improved, with better communication on a global level. The United Nations is working toward making that a reality, and it was really cool to feel like I was involved in a tiny part of that.

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