Any online friends I have that have found my blog (are there any?) may know that I really enjoy reading. I mean, I have three whole pages of this blog dedicated to creative writing and reading that I’ve done for school. You don’t take that many classes on the subject if you don’t enjoy it! But this post is meant to be an epilogue of sorts for me. Graduation is coming closer and closer every day, and I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep up with my fancy blog after I finish my undergraduate degree, so I wanted to update anyone who cares and leave some final thoughts.

So I’ve been at OU for five years now – or close enough to five years that it doesn’t really make much difference. I’ve studied abroad, learned a lot about other cultures and people, participated in several international organizations, gone to more international events than I’m prepared to count, and enjoyed every second of it. In 19 days I’ll be graduating from OU with a Bachelors of Arts in International Studies and a Bachelors of Science in Chemical Engineering, and this July I’ll start working on a PhD in Biomedical Sciences. My biggest question coming out of all of this is, how am I going to stay internationally engaged in my post-undergrad life?

Living in Norman and attending OU, it’s so easy to be engaged. You almost have to try not to be. So I know I’ll have to put more effort into it that I have in the past, but I also know that graduate education tends to have a higher percentage of international students than undergrad. So hopefully I’ll make a ton of really great friends during my PhD journey! And, who knows, maybe I’ll end up doing a PostDoc fellowship in a different country! It doesn’t seem too far fetched to me 🙂

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