As a Global Engagement Fellow I am required to apply for a Fulbright my senior year. As a (mostly) normal person I really want to be accepted. So I’ve already begun planning my application, scoping out potential people to request recommendations from, and hanging on Jaci’s every word as the OU Fulbright Coordinator.

Of course the first step in the Fulbright Direction is to pick a type of program: Research, Graduate School, or English Teaching. Then you pick one specific program to apply for – which I’ve done! But that will all be in a different post. So far I’ve just been gathering as much information as possible about Fulbright until my application opens on March 31st. The Fulbright application includes:

  1. Biographical Data
    • Name, place of birth, age, etc. This is the boring stuff really.
    • Brief explanation of your future plans on returning to the US
  2. Statement of Grant Purpose
    • The who-what-when-where-why of why you want to participate in your specified program at your specified location.
    • Must demonstrate clear reasoning on why you need to go to this location and cannot complete a similar program in the US
    • 2 pages, single spaced, 12pt Times New Roman
  3. Affiliation Letter
    • Letter from the institution or program on official letterhead, and in English,  signed by the author stating that they are willing and excited to work with you
  4. Personal Letter
    • Gives the reviewer a picture of you as an individual
    • Concentrates on how your background has influenced your development and how that relates to your program
    • 1 page, single spaced, 12pt Times New Roman
  5. Foreign Language Forms
    • Includes a Language Self-Evaluation Form and a Foreign Language Evaluation Form
    • Not always required (depends on the language requirements of your country/program) but highly encouraged
  6. References
    • 3 Reference letters attesting that you can carry out the project you proposed, not character references
    • They are confidential. You do not get to read them
  7. Transcripts
    • Complete record of higher education. They must be received from every institution where you received credit for coursework

I can’t count the hours I’ve spent planning for this and talking to Jaci, trying to gather her insight and tips. The most important thing I’ve gathered from her is that the Fulbright committee wants to get to know you. Your goals, your reasons for applying, your personality. Not what you think they want to hear. And they seem to have an amazing ability to detect bullsh*t.

I just hope I remember that when I start pulling together my own application!

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