Becoming globally engaged is about more than connecting across continents; it’s also about connecting with your fellows as well. Connecting with the people you live with is just as important as learning about new people, places, and ideas.

My personal plan is to join one or two international organizations on campus. I am most interested in Sooners without Borders, an international service organization, and volunteering with CESL (Center for English as a Second Language). The things that interest me most about international travel are provided in both of these programs: I want to help people in developing nations and teach them way to better their lives, which I could do in Sooners without Borders, and I want to become fluent in new languages and learn about different cultures, which CESL will help me with.

However, the best thing about becoming internationally connected is that you can get so many more benefits that you realize. Not only will I learn new languages and be able to help the people who need it most, I will also gain valuable experiences: adapting to new places, working with people despite a language barrier, and understanding people with different experiences.

The primary reason I am so excited to be studying at the University of Oklahoma is because it has both a wonderful study abroad program for almost all students and a number of international student organizations. Whether you are studying in Norman, Oklahoma or around the world there are many ways for you to become globally engaged at OU.

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