I bit the bullet and finally committed to a specific program for the summer. Well, kind of.

I finally decided to at least apply for a program and, seeing as it’s the only program I’ve applied for so far, it’s pretty likely that’s where I’ll end up. So this summer, I’m off to Turkey (we hope)!

Here’s the game plan: This summer I will hop on a plane and fly to Istanbul, Turkey to take Organic Chemistry I at Bogazici University. Now all I have to do is not change my mind and remember to breath. I am actually ridiculously excited to go to Turkey. The culture and the people there are so different from anything that I have ever experienced or heard about, there amazing places to visit, and tourist destinations all around.

However, even though I am all but jumping for joy, no one seems to share my excitement. My family all but told me I couldn’t go (until I reminded them who would be funding the trip) and all of my friends get the same concerned look on their face when I bring it up. Honestly, I am a tad bit nervous about traveling to such a turbulent region, but I also trust the study abroad advisers not to send me anywhere dangerous. The GEF coordinator, Jaci, has also helped calm me down about it on numerous occasions (she’s probably sick of me by now!).

But I just try and focus on the things I’m most excited about for my trip: the Hagia Sophia, and possibly visiting Jerusalem before I come home. But, unfortunately, I’ll just have to wait and see if those actually happen. Until then, keep the dream alive!

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