I spent this past weekend in Venice and it was one of the best weekends of my life. I could talk about it for the next week and a half without repeating myself, and I could post about it forever. But I decided that I would only share the most important part of my weekend.

As silly as it may sound one of the biggest reason I wanted to go to Venice for my long weekend was because of the movie “The Italian Job.” It gets even sillier when you realize that this movie is almost as old as I am, was never very popular, and only the first five minutes or so are actually set in Venice, or anywhere else in Italy for that matter. But the movie is important to me for one specific reason: its the first movie that I remember watching with my mom.

I remember being really little sitting downstairs watching it with my mom. We would spend a lot of the movie just talking about how beautiful Venice looked, and how much we wanted to go one day. I don’t know if this happened often or if it was just a single occurrence, but it was a great time. So when I had the chance to go to Venice I jumped at it. And once I got there I made sure to track down the two locations that “The Italian Job” was filmed in. And find them I did.

Italian job 1image







The scene in San Marco where the main character and the mentor lay out the groundwork for the heist and the movie.




Italian job 2 image







The scene in Campo de Barnaba where the audience first meets the rest of the crew.

This movie has such great memories and connections for me, it was so amazing so see some of the places they filmed. Also, twice since I went to these places I have heard the them song from the movie. It was playing as if on the radio on two separate occasions. It was very interesting.

This, of course, did not fill up the whole weekend. To be honest it probably wasn’t even the most exciting thing that happened to me that weekend. But, from my point of view, it was the most important thing that I did. I cannot wait to go home and share this experience with my mom. 🙂


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