This week we got to see some more of truly historic Arezzo. The city of Arezzo has been around since Etruscan times, so it has plenty to offer in the historical department. However, since I spend an estimated 10-12 hours a day in class or studying, there is only so much time I have to devote to sightseeing. Luckily this was a class trip, so all I had to do was show up. And, even better, this specific expedition was to explore the fortress that crowns the hill of Arezzo. A place sometimes referred to as the Medici Fortress.image image I was insanely interested in this excursion because I actually had prior knowledge of the Medicis. A very interesting, very powerful, very very mean family.
The fortress was apparently built on top of the ruins of a castle which, in turn, was built on the ruins of a Roman town,which was built over what was once an Etruscan town. imageDuring the Middle Ages, Arezzo was an independent province next to Florence, which was ruled by the Medicis. They decided to acquire Arezzo and they actually bought it from the Archbisop (whether he sold Arezzo to avoid bloodshed or to line his own pockets seems to be unknown).
Apparently the townspeople didn’t like the idea of being bought and sold, so they fought back anyway. The Florentines actually built extra fortifications on the fortress to protect themselves from their conquest, and even with all their effort they only managed to hold on for 40 years! Forget Texas, don’t mess with Arezzo!!image image image

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