A girl in the O-Chem group, Kendall, had a birthday this past weekend (Happy Birthday Kendall!!!!) and the professors colaborated with her mother to throw her a mini party yesterday during class. But, since we are in Italy and studying culture, we had an Italian party! Someone found “Happy Birthday” on YouTube in Italian, we toasted the birthday girl in Italian, and (the best part) we had Prosecco and Italian style birthday cake.

Actually we had two types of prosecco (but who’s counting) and Mille Foglie for the cake. I (apparetly) like Prosecco; it was a nice change to have a slightly sweeter wine, especially one with bubbles! Bubbles make everything more fun!!! The boquet of the wine was also interesting; more floral. You could actually smell the extra sugar. But the Mille Foglie really took the cake (can I use American cliches in Italy?). It means thousand layer cake. It has a bunch of really thing layers of cake interspersed with thickened sweet cream and the whole thing was dusted with powdered sugar. It even had chocolate bits in it!!! I personally have a massive sweet tooth, so I of course thought it was utterly amazing. Now I just have to find a place that makes good Mille Foglie in time for my next birthday……..

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