On Thursday we had another in class wine tasting. Normally I wouldn’t mention it because we have done a bunch of in class tastings: red wine, white wine, aroma tasting, vertical tasting. But this one had an interesting twist.
Several of my fellow students have been asking Dr. G how to tell if they will like a wine, or how to go about buying a good wine once we get back to Norman ( and become legal, of course 😉 ). He gave us a lot of information about the flavor of wine, acidity level, aging, aroma (or bouquet, if you’re feeling fancy), and labels on the bottles. But he also told us that there is no sure way of knowing whether you like a wine or not without trying it; apparently it’s just one big game of chance. But he did give us one concrete piece of advice.
Find someone who knows about wine, or who has a similar palate to yourself and ask them for a suggestion. You’re still taking a chance, but less of one than if you just walked in to a store and picked up a random bottle (which I have done here, in the interest of science. It didn’t work so well).
The interesting part of the latest tasting was that Dr. G took his own advice. He bought a wine for us to buy because someone suggested it. He didn’t know any more about it that we did. Even better, he did the same thing for the cheese.
imageThe wine itself, a Barbera D’Alba, had hints of vanilla and blackberry in the bouquet, two of my favorite things, so I had high hopes for the wine. It more than lived up to my expectations. It turned out to be one of the best wines I have had on this trip, all from the suggestion of a stranger! And the same could be said of the cheese! It was a young, classic Pecorino, so it wasn’t as dry as most cheeses I’ve tried here, and it complemented the wine beautifully!!! If all advice I get is as good as this was, I will be the happiest girl in the world!!! 🙂

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