This past Wednesday the group went to a wine tasting at Buccia Nera winery. It was actually the second trip our group made to a winery, the first being to La Stristia winery almost a week before. At the time I really didn’t know what do say about it but now that I’ve been to two I think that I can compare the two quite nicely.
La Stristia seemed to be a smaller family business. We got to go into the fields (are they called fields when you grow grapes) and ask questions about the growing, we got to see the fermentation tanks and ask questions about that, and we got to see the aging barrels and ask questions about that as well. Then we tried three dry red wines and had some food to compliment it in a buffet style.
Buccia Nera seemed to be a much larger, more organized facility. We didn’t get to see their vines because it was raining, but we saw everything else and asked questions just as we did at the first Winery. But, by a happy chance, Buccia Nera was bottling the day we came, which was not something we had anticipated getting the opportunity to see. And, in all actuality, it was pretty awesome!! They rented a machine that did everything from bottling to labeling and could go through 15000 bottles a day. Then we had the actual tasting. We tried six wines (which may have been too many) and they gave us a specific food to have with each wine to compliment it. Buccia Nera also gave us three dry red wines, but we also had a white wine, a sweeter red, and a wine that was made in the traditional way. The traditional wine was made with dried grapes to increase the sugar content; it was very sweet. I personally didn’t like that particular wine, but I did end up with a bottle of their white blend!
Comparatively, I did like Buccia Nera better, mainly because they offered us a wider variety of wine during the tasting and they gave us specific food for each wine, instead of a buffet. But that is far from saying that La Stristia was bad. They were both great wineries, and I am glad to have had a experience with each!!!


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