I really like the food here. It is one of the biggest things I will miss about Arezzo, but I obviously can’t take it home. The worst part is that I won’t be able to share it with my friends and family back home; it’s not like I can package up some Veal Stew to take back across the Atlantic. But there is something I can do. 🙂

This week the O-Chem group took a pasta making class, which was interesting for more than just learning to make pasta. We learned how to make Tagliatelle and Ravioli, both of which are egg noodles like the ones I have made a thousand times with my dad! It was really cool to find out that I was really close to making them already! We also learned how to make gnocchi, a pasta that is one part flour, three parts potato. It has a very interesting flavor and it very filling. Paired with the right sauce it can be utterly amazing!!

Each student made a small batch of each type of pasta and then they were gathered up and cooked. We actually made our own lunch (and it was surprisingly really, really good!!)! It was really interesting to see the cultural differences in pasta making. When my dad and I make egg noodles at home we mix it in a bowl and roll it out and cut it on an old, clean pillowcase that covers out counter. But here in Italy everything was done on a wooden board, including the mixing! We used the flour to make a bowl for the eggs and slowly mixed everything together. It turned out to not be as difficult as I thought it would be.

I’ve never made gnocchi before, so I have no idea if it is different or not. I was kind of sad making it because I knew it was not something I could make at home. My dad is diabetic and potatoes are definitely not a good food for him. But then I realized that I could substitute something a little healthier for the potatoes, like cauliflower, and be just fine!

I’m really looking forward to bringing a little bit of Italy back to share with my family!!! 🙂

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