Thank Goodness

I leave for England in 19 days — yay!!!!! I still have a ton of things to do (there is literally a two page to-do list sitting next to me) and I haven’t even started considering thinking a... Read More

Open Mic

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A few weeks ago the GEFs had an open mic night at Second Wind Cafe; we got to know each other a little better, got coffee, and told stories. I wasn’t exactly planning o going until Jaci suggeste... Read More

Now We Wait

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Complete OU study abroad application: Check Complete Host University Application: Check Complete Phase three Preparations: Check Freak out: In Progress Study Abroad Set to Begin 01/15/2016    &#... Read More

Let’s Dance

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Last Friday night I went to the Latin Fiesta Ball, sponsored by the Latin Dance Club. I wanted to got last year, but something came up. So this year, when my roommate invited me, I jumped on the oppor... Read More

I can try…

So this summer was interesting. I watched my sister’s kids. I volunteered at a research lab. I decided that I will consider going to medical school. And I got ready for my next study abroad. Wel... Read More