Adventures in Paris

This weekend I spent 37 hours in Paris! It wasn’t a ton of time, but I still feel that I got to see so much of the history of the city. I saw the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triumph, Notre Dame, Sa... Read More

The next installment

The next ~750 words of my crime piece! Genre Writing – Week Four ———- Ding-Dong! Adeline woke to the sound of her doorbell ringing with a raging hangover. She rolled out of bed... Read More

Through Your Eyes

We were talking about point-of-view in class and the module tutor told us to rewrite a story from a new point of view. So I took a new look at the piece I wrote last week, but in first person this tim... Read More

And so on

The next ~600 words of my crime story! Genre Writing – Week Three ———- Adeline stalked to her black sedan, climbed in, and sped off toward the highway. It was only 4:15 but she... Read More

You are here.

I was supposed to practice description in a story with a specific setting. Becoming a Writer – Week Three ———- The humming of the central heating system was loud and invasive, ... Read More

Crime Introduction

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Write ~600 words of an introduction for the story about the character you created last week. Genre Writing – Week Two ———- The doorbell rang, distracting Adeline from her perus... Read More

Books Books Books

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“Write the first ~600 words of a story. Make sure to use every method we have discussed to convey emotion.” Becoming a Writer – Week Two ———- The doorbell chimed as... Read More

The Dark Side

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So after being abroad for about three weeks, I wanted to write a post about the bad aspects of studying abroad. Now, before you starting thinking I’ve gone completely crazy – because this ... Read More