Technology Review

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Looking over the technology review offered for this class, I didn’t really see anything new to me. I’ve been using this blog for a couple years now, and my sister has been teaching me basi... Read More

My Favorite Place

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My favorite place in the world is, without a doubt, a small town in Italy called Arezzo. For those of you who don’t know, Arezzo is where the Italian OU campus is. I was lucky enough to visit th... Read More

Testing: 1, 2, 3.

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Hello All! As of right now I’m just throwing this post on my class page to make sure everything is still working correctly. If it isn’t, then I have some work to do! I’m really excit... Read More

The Lion King

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I had the wonderful experience of seeing Disney’s The Lion King live today. And can I just say – wow! It was absolutely amazing and I honestly wish it had lasted forever. Now, I normally w... Read More


IRGs (or Informal Reading Groups for those in the know) are groups that read and discuss different novels once a week for part or all of a semester. They can be about pretty much anything, and they ca... Read More