Pay it Forward

One of the requirements of the Global Engagement program is joining an International group every year. For the past two years I have gotten involved with OU Cousins, but I decided to take a different ... Read More

I’m Back!

Well I’m finally back at OU! I just finished up my second week of junior year, and I can tell it’s going to be an interesting 12 months. While I was sad to leave Hatfield and I am definite... Read More

The view from your window

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I’ve been home for about two weeks now, and settling back in with my family and my old routines has been a very interesting experience. I find myself thinking back to the places I’ve been ... Read More

Glass half empty

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Sometimes you can make the best of a situation. And sometimes, unfortunately, you can’t. On Monday evening I said goodbye to some great friends. Except that, since I didn’t want to say goo... Read More


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When I first decided to study abroad, I was ridiculously excited. I couldn’t wait to visit new places, experience new cultures, and meet new people. But I didn’t realize at the time how th... Read More

Chasing Magic

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This is the piece that I submitted for my Genre Writing final. The italics at the beginning and end of the story are for context, because this story isn’t complete. But I hope that I can continu... Read More


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This is the piece that I turned in as my final for Becoming a Writer ———- Catalyst “Hey Isa! Do you want to grab some drinks later?” Isabelle looked up from pipetting buffer into... Read More