Name: Dry Reisling

Variety: 100% Reisling

Region: Oklahoma

Country: United States

Year: NV

Price: $19.95

Winery Description: A dry, white wine that is robust and citrusy with hints of orange peel

My Review: This wine is amazing! It costs almost double what I normally pay for a bottle, but it’s totally worth it. The color of the wine is close to clear, but has a golden hue to it. I don’t know for sure, but I wouldn’t be suprised if the winery aged this white wine in oak barrels for a little while, both because of the color and because of the fact that the wine is a tiny bit astringent, which I associate with tannins. The flavor of the wine is really nice too. It has honey, lemon, and orange flavors, which is an interesting combination with a dry wine. Since it wasn’t overpoweringly sweet, it was easier to taste the subtle fruit flavors.


I did have some cheese and crackers with the wine, which complimented it well. I would say that this wine could go either way. You can eat with it, if you’re eating the right things, but it’s also good enough on it’s own that it doesn’t need anything to go with it.

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