Name: Ruby Vine Red Wine

Variety: Red Blend

Region: Santa Rosa, California

Country: USA

Year: NA

Price: $9.99

Seller’s Review: With the exception of sparkling or fortified wines, non-vintage wines get a bad rap sometimes, dismissed as being lower in quality because they consist of grapes blended across different vintages. We beg to differ, and this juicy red made from California grapes is the perfect example of how NV blends can be perfectly delicious. Because we weren’t restricted by the vintage, we were able to use the best grapes we could find from each year, be more creative, and come up with a wine that’s balanced and food-friendly – the perfect house red. Ripe, full-bodied and fruit-driven, this versatile wine will pair well with everything from spicy Thai takeout to a spread of tapas. Keep a few bottles handy on your wine rack for any occasion that might arise

My Review: This wine, when you first meet it, definitely has a spicy smell. I broke out a wine wheel and I think I narrowed it down to Black Pepper and Cinnamon. I think they wine maker may have aged the wine, possibly in an oak barrel, because I noticed heavy tobacco and smokey flavors when I tasted it. Another reason I think it may have been aged is that it is very smooth. There weren’t many tannins still in the wine. Overall it was a very tasty wine, and I wish I’d had something to eat with it. It seemed to be more of an old world style, and meant to be paired with food.


I didn’t eat any foods with this wine, but I think it would pair well with something a little spicy.

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