Hello all!

It’s that time of year again and I’m super excited for my classes this semester! The most exciting one is, of course, Geography of Wine (also known as the whole reason I added this new page to my blog 🙂 ).

I am actually really excited, and I’m not just saying that because my professor is totally going to read it. A few years ago I went to Arezzo with the OChem in Italy program (read about those adventures here) I took a Culinary Chemistry and Culture of Italy class, which ended up being mostly about wine. We mostly covered how wine is made, from a chemistry prospective, and how it can effect the body. We also looked at wine from a practical point of view, going to wineries and learning about the whole process, from vine to bottle. That was one of the best classes I’ve taken and it sparked my love of wine.

Ever since Italy I love to try new things. I like to try wines from different regions and different types of wine. I like red and white wine equally, but here are certain types that I’ve tried that I don’t really like. Syrah for example. Just no.

I’ve found that I mostly like wines that have fruit based flavors: raspberry, blackberry, cherry and strawberry for red and apple and pear for white (to name a few). Most often when I don’t like a wine it is because it is overly dry or acid (in my opinion) or it has a very strong tobacco taste – I’m looking at you Syrah. My favorite wine that is easily accessible in Norman is a Moscato from Italy called Primo Amore. I had a glass just yesterday!

I’m really excited to give this class a go and have some wine adventures with my friends. Hopefully I’ll learn some more cool things about wine and figure out more about my preferences. Who knows, maybe there’s a region in the great wide world that makes a Syrah that I won’t hate! Let’s find out!

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