Name: Bootlegger White

Variety: White grape blend

Region: California

Country: USA

Year: 2014

Price: $8.99

Winemaker Description:

My Review:

I really liked this wine and I was definitely surprised by the amount of body it has. I thought it would be pretty light bodied because it’s a white wine, but I think the grapes the winemaker mixed together ended with a more medium bodied wine. It was mostly clear with a green tint and had hints of lemon, grapefruit and honey in the smell. The taste comes across as really sweet at first, but then I could make out some of the complexity of the wine, and the sweetness was cut with fairly high acidity that blended together pretty well. Some of the more specific flavors in the wine were lemon, melon, and honey with vanilla.

I drank this wine by itself and it was pretty tasty, and then I tried it with lasagna and it wasn’t that great. It just goes to show that you really need to think about what food you pair with what wine. I think it would go really well with some sort of chicken back though.

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