Name: Blue Towers

Variety: Malbec

Region: Torres del Paine

Country: Chile

Year: 2016

Price: $14.99

Winemaker Description:

Rich, dark fruits like blackberry, blueberry and plum dominate this Chilean Malbec. Full-bodied, smooth tannins and hints of oak, vanilla and herbal qualities add to the complexity of this wine. Pair with a barbecued ribs, pulled pork or brisket. Enjoy with hard cheeses like Manchego or Iberico.

My Review:

This wine certiantly looked very nice; it was a really dark violet red which, I now know, means the must fermented along with the juice, basically the whole time. The scents I got from the wine were very spicy with thing such as nutmeg, black pepper and tabbaco. The tastes of the wine more than lived up to the smell. It was very intense and I was just not ready for that. I was really overwhelmed at first with the really earthy, spicy tobacco and black pepper taste, which really carried over from the smell. It was only after I had been sipping on the wine for a hot minute that I was able to make out the black current and plum flavors that were there. Overall I didn’t really like this wine. I think it might calm down if I decanted it or had let it age, but I don’t think I’m going to really give it a second chance.

I drank this wine without food, which may have contributed to my dislike. However, I do agree with the winemaker that this would probably go really well with some barbecue.

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