Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m currently relaxing at my parents house for Thanksgiving break and I can’t help but thinking, are we there yet? I get to this point every semester, where it seems like I’ve been taking the same classes for much longer than the three-ish months it has actually been. I’m ready for finals and I’m ready for a longer break with no homework! But I also know myself pretty well, and I know that about 5 minutes into Christmas break I’m going to get very bored and want the spring semester to begin.

I’ve enjoyed the classes I’ve taken this semester – Geography of Wine was particularly fun. But I’m also looking forward to getting back into my Chemical Engineering coursework in the spring. I feel like this semester, and last spring to an extent, were almost a vacation. I wasn’t taking any engineering or hard science classes and was instead working on my International Studies degree. But, since I want to go into medical research, it felt like I was taking a lot of classes for no reason. As difficult as they might be, I am happy to throw myself back into the Engineering grind.

But first I do have to finish this semester. I’ve already finished my Geography of Wine class, and I’m pretty close to ta king care of Mythology and Folklore. I think that all I have left in Model UN is one paper, and then the finals for Microeconomics and Microbiology. My microbiology lab also has two more assignments and and exam and lab practical. It’s not a ton, but it will sure keep me busy for the next couple weeks. I’m still aiming for that 4.0 GPA and as long as I study hard for my finals, I think I can do it! And then I’ll be that much closer to next semester!


Image: Legs by Greyerbaby. Source: Pixabay

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