Yup, you read that title right. ProCRAFTinating is something that I’m really good at, and it’s that time of the semester again. My friends made up that word to describe what I do every semester for the few weeks leading up to finals. I love crafting and I find it really relaxing, so it makes sense that toward finals I always find myself painting, sewing, or knitting. Or embroidering, like I did all weekend instead of homework or studying, which was really fun, even if my hand kind of aches from holding the needle for so long.

It’s kind of a vicious cycle, because once I’m done crafting I’m immediately swamped with the stress I had before, as well as additional stress because I just “wasted” so much time. But I love crafting so much! Sometimes I just need a break from homework and everything else to make something for myself or a friend! It’s hard to find a good balance. Taking time for myself is important, but so is school and my GPA. Which is more important? Should I prioritize one over the other?

The answer to that is “probably not.” I feel kind of like a pendulum that keeps swinging from one side to the other when I should be in the middle. On the bring side, the laws of motion say that the pendulum will loose momentum (due to drag and such) and will eventually come to rest in the center. And, until I find that wonderful balance, I’ll have some really awesome crafts to give all my friends!

Maybe I should allot myself a little time every day or every other day for crafting, so that I can de-stress without losing an entire weekend. It sound like a happy medium, if I can convince myself to stick to it! 🙂

Image: Personal photo of the craft I made this weekend

2 thoughts on “Famous Last Words: Procraftinating

  1. Hi Margaret! That is beautiful! I actually go in and out of procraftinating stages and am about to enter my next stage. I and going to try arm knitting one of those HUGE blankets with the extra thick yarn. I have a feeling I am either going to love it and make a whole bunch more or hate it and….maybe get some homework done like I should, haha! Here’s to finishing up some crafts and another semester of college!

  2. Hey Margaret! This was great, I can definitely relate with blowing off studying for something you are actually interested in. I think that your procraftinating isn’t bad at all! Whatever keeps you sane during school is good! You can’t spend all your time studying, and its great you have an outlet you enjoy so much!

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