A large part of my Mythology and Folklore class is supposed to be based on giving and receiving feedback for the writing that everyone does. I think this is a very good idea, but I hate feedback. When I show someone my writing, I typically want them to tear it apart (in a constructive way) and help me find what I’ve done wrong or what I need to clarify or what doesn’t make sense so I can fix it. Unfortunately my peers are less that likely to do that because it could be seen as rude. I’m the same way. As much as I want constructive criticism for my own work it is very hard for me to offer it to other people because I don’t want to discourage them. So my personal project for this semester is to be as honest as possible with my feedback, while still being positive and respectful. Hopefully some of my feedback will be useful.

I also read a few articles about giving and recieving feedback. One was “14 Signs your Perfectionism has gotten out of Control” and, while I don’t particularly consider myself a perfectionist, it described me pretty well. So I’m probably just in denial. Luckily my “perfectionism” is on the light side, but I do need to be self aware and make sure that I don’t just focus on being mistake free. Mistakes are how you learn, and that’s what this whole thing is about.

The other article I read, “Using Harsh Feedback to Fuel your Career,” was basically what I want to be. I try to see criticism as a challenge to improve (maybe I am a perfectionist). I also get upset and vent to my family for a bit or take a break and do something else for a bit before I get back at it. I think that’s just the healthy thing to do.

Hopefully these articles, and lots of practice, will help me get used to both giving and receiving good feedback this semester!

Image: Stock photo for “feedback.” Source: Pixabay

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