This was a really rough week for me and I am 100% blaming the long weekend. I always look forward to breaks as a way to recharge and get ahead on some of my course work. But is that ever what happens? Of course not! I spend all of the break lazing around and then spend the next few days (weeks) feeling stressed and trying to catch up on the work that I was supposed to do. Forget about getting ahead at this point.

This long weekend was ever worse than most because it coincided with the release of Tower of Dawn, the seventh book in the Throne of Glass series that I have been anxiously awaiting since I finished book 6. So Labor Day on Monday plus new book on Tuesday equals very tired Margaret. When I am tired I don’t always make the best decisions. Case in point: convincing myself every day this week that I would go to sleep early, wake up early, and get some homework done. I’ll give you three guesses as to how that turned out for me. On the bright side I’m almost finished playing catch-up, and there are no long weekends or long awaited book releases in my near future. (But I am already counting down to Throne of Glass book 8 – coming to a bookstore near you in May 2018!)

So what did I learn from my famous last words this week? I should never be allowed to make decisions when it involves books. I also learned that everything is a work in progress. Just as soon as I start to get overconfident in my ability to keep up with the semester, I get buried under a figurative mountain of work and obligations. So I guess I learned something that I already know: I need to remember what my most important priories are, and stay flexible with the rest. I’ll get there eventually.

Also – I should totally get paid for all the advertising I do for Sarah J Maas‘ books! 🙂

Image: Stock photo of “To-do List.” Source: Pixabay

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