Today I decided to get on Pintrest and find some Growth Mindset cats that inspired me. It definitely worked. The first one I found (at the top of the page) is what I want to be in my life. I love the idea that all it takes to do something is to believe that you can. Of course you still have to work hard, but if you already believe that you can do it, the work isn’t so bad. Some people have told me that I’m spoiled because 90% of the time, I get exactly what I want. And, while I may be spoiled (thanks dad!) I’m not in this way. When things go exactly the way I want them to, it’s almost always because I made it happen that way through hard work and believing in myself.

The second kitty cat I found is all about perseverance.

Going along with what I said above, when I’m trying to get stuff done, I tend to mess up a lot. I never get things right the first time, which is is totally fine, as long as I eventually get them right. I’ll probably have to change some things to make everything work out, but change is good. It means you’re growing.

My third cat friend is kind of my worst case scenario.

Obviously things don’t always go my way, and I’m constantly working with myself on accepting things that I cannot change. But as long as I tried success isn’t really the most important thing. That’s something I need to remember more.

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Cat 3. Blogspot.

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