My favorite place in the world is, without a doubt, a small town in Italy called Arezzo. For those of you who don’t know, Arezzo is where the Italian OU campus is. I was lucky enough to visit the city when I participated in the Organic Chemistry in Italy study abroad program (you can read about those adventures here). One of the main reasons I love Arezzo so much is that is really isn’t a touristy city. While on that trip I also got to go to Rome, Venice, Florence, and Assissi to name a few, and all of the other places I went were total tourist traps. But Arezzo always seemed so genuine to me. I couldn’t help but fall in love.

My favorite place in Arezzo was a restaurant called Antica Osteria L’Angia. It was run by the sweetest lady and she made the best food I’ve ever had in my entire life – but don’t tell my mother I said that. I ate at the restaurant at least three times a week, and I met the owner. She was so sweet and when I told her I was leaving and that her restaurant was what I would miss the most, she hugged me and told me to come back some day. I don’t know when but one day I will!

Part of the beauty of Arezzo was that I lived in an apartment, so I had a more authentic experience there. There was even a joust I got to go see! It’s a huge event for the city; the different quarters compete against each other and there’s a huge festival to go with it. My city quarter didn’t win, but I think we were cheated!

On weekends I got to take trips to different parts of Italy, but my favorite was my trip to Venice. Venice is an absolutely beautiful city and it actually surpassed my expectations. All I ever heard about Venice was that it was pretty but also really gross. It wasn’t though! The city was beautiful and it has a really unique culture that’s a little different from the rest of Italy. The even have a mask festival every year!

If I could move to Italy I would do it in a heartbeat! It is definitely my favorite place and I can’t wait to go back one day.


  1. Personal photo of Arezzo, Italy. Taken June 2015
  2. High altitude photo of Arezzo, Italy. Source: Wikimedia
  3. Personal photo of entrance to Antica Osteria L’Angia entrance. Taken March 2017.
  4. Photo of jousting run of Sanctus Spriritus quarter. Source: Wikimedia
  5. Personal photo of the Grand Canal in Venice. Taken June 2015

3 thoughts on “My Favorite Place

  1. You are so right about Arezzo, Margaret! In graduate school I spent a lot of time at the University of Siena, and it was truly marvelous… but especially in spring and summer, the tourists were just too much sometimes! I hope you will get to go back soon. I’ve never found really Italian food here in the U.S., no matter how much a restaurant might say they are serving authentic Italian food. It’s just never the same! Do you think you might want to do an Italian project for this class? There are some great sources online if you want to do that! Freebookapalooza: Italy
    P.S. This way of using a category for the class is working great; your post popped up in my RSS feed reader along with all the favorite places posts, just as expected. 🙂

  2. P.S. If you could set the comments to NOT be moderated, that would be great; when people are doing comments at a blog for class, it really helps for it to go through so they can see it posted. With Blogger, the spam settings work really well, so it hasn’t been a problem to not moderate; if you can give it a try that way, that would be great. 🙂

  3. I love love LOVE reading posts about Arezzo because I want so badly to get to travel there some day. I have been thinking about possibly going this summer with the college of education and I think it sounds absolutely wonderful. Your pictures of it are beautiful as well and make me want even more to go there and experience it all for myself in person.

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