So the semester long project for this class is to make either a Storybook or a Portfolio. I looked through some of the old storybooks from past students; these are some of my favorites.

I think this storybook grabbed my attention because I am very familiar with the original Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Alice through the Looking Glass. I love both of those stories, so it was pretty neat to see them from a present day perspective. I enjoyed the sleek and clean way the web page was laid out – it really accented the idea of the story. I also really liked the amount of material retained from the original story. I think the layout and features of this storybook work well, but I don’t think I would really want to emulate it myself.

I think the main reason I enjoyed this storybook so much is because I’ve never really seen this idea before. I read a book that this plot reminds me of, but they are only similar in the loosest ways. I honestly don’t like how the web page looks that much, but that’s just a personal opinion. Besides, the story was interesting enough for me not to care what the page looked like!

This storybook is my absolute favorite of the ones I’ve seen! I love the story of Peter Pan because of all the different interpretations that you can take from it. This was a really cool continuation of the story. The best part is that the introduction is structured as a letter from Wendy to her brother, and the font was even chosen to look like handwriting. I think this was very well done! If I decide to create a storybook for my final project, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it ended up being inspired by this one

Image: Representation of Neverland by sheepDesigns. Source: DeviantArt

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