• I want to see this from Scheherazade’s point of view. Why has she decided to do this? What changes? Has she been planning this for a while? Is she scared?
  • I like that the man was honorable enough to actually return to face the Genii, but I wonder what happened during that year he put his affairs in order. How did his family react? What plans did they make?

So I really like this story so far, but I find that I’m more interested in the frame story than any of the individual stories. I wonder what the Sultan is thinking as Scheherazade keeps telling story after story. Has he changed his mind about her? Does he understand what she’s trying to do? What did he think about killing all the young women he married? I think this story is much more interesting than the stories the Sultana tells.

Bibliography: 1001 Nights, translated by Andrew Lang. Web Source.

Image: Scheheradzade by Édouard Frédéric Wilhelm Richter. Source: Wikimedia

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