I finished my first weeks reading! Let me tell you, some of those stories were interesting. But I think a few of them have potential to be the source for my first storytelling assignment later this week. I think I have three different options for my story, based on the readings.

The first one I could base it on is the Metamorphosis story about Pygmalion. I like the idea of this story, and I’ve actually read it before, but it bothers me that so little is revealed of what the characters are thinking. I also think the story would be improved with more details after the statue comes to life. It’s kind of creepy when it just ends with Pygmalion kissing her right as she becomes human. So I think it would be interesting to give it a go at improving the story.

I also really liked the character dynamic in the Trickster story about the Jackal. This character reminds me of the chaotic good theory, where someone strives to help people and is willing to disregard the law if necessary. I think that would be a cool trait in a main character, and a nice challenge to depict in a realistic way.

Finally, the Beauty and the Beast story caught my eye. It’s always been one of my favorite fairy tales and I’ve read countless different versions. I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. I’m not sure how I felt about it, but I think it definitely needs more detail. It didn’t really make much sense as is, but it would be cool to add my own ideas into it.

All of these would be cool to work on, so we will see where inspiration strikes when I get to work later this week.

Image: Generic stock photo of book. Source: Pixabay

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