For this week I decided to read the tale of Cupid and Psyche from the classical unit. Here are my thoughts.

  • I think the sisters have an interesting perspective and it would be cool to see the story from their point of view. I know that C. S. Lewis wrote a version like this, but I’ve never read it so I’m sure I could write a different, unbiased version
  • It would also be really cool to see this from Cupid’s point of view. What is he thinking when he can’t let Psyche see him? What is he thinking when she looks anyway?
  • I know it’s kind of bad that the Psyche tricked both of her sisters into commiting suicide, but if they’d been less awful humans, they wouldn’t have jumped anyway. I like the poetic justice in it. Although she isn’t in the story, parts of the story would be interesting from the goddess of revenge, Nemisis’ point of view.

These are just my thoughts from part A of the reading. I don’t know if I’ll use this for the storytelling later this week, but we’ll see how it goes!

Bibliography: Cupid and Psyche by Apuleius and translated by Tony Kline. Web source.

Image: Justice (Dike, on the left) and Divine Vengeance (Nemesis, right) are pursuing the criminal murderer. By Pierre-Paul Prud’hon, 1808. Source: Wikimedia

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