Today I finished reading Cupid and Psyche for Mythology and Folklore.


  • Honestly I’d love to write this from Venus’ point of view. She seems so dang angry, I want to get in her head and figure out why
  • What if it wasn’t ants that helped Psyche. I think it would be funny if Vulcan sent some of his little creations to sort the pile, just to spite Venus. They always had a rocky relationship. Or if she did something crazy that technically fit the instructions, but wasn’t what Venus had actually asked for
  • I think it would be really funny for Pandora to narrate the part of the story where Psyche opens the jar of “Divine Beauty.” I think she would have a lot to say to someone who should have learned from her mistakes
  • Then “Wedding Feast” portion of the story is so rushed! I want more detail or, at the very least, a window into Venus’ thoughts

Bibliography: Cupid and Psyche by Apuleius. Web Source.

Image: Olga Fersen on a Donkey by Karl Brullov. Source: Wikimedia

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