•  At least this version of the Cinder-Maid includes a prince that remembers what the girl looks like. Instead he is trapped by the wording of his promise. But honestly the idea of falling in love with a girl’s face kind of freaks me out. I’d rather her fall in love with someone that she’d already known.
  • This version of Beauty and the Beast is kind of boring. I think it needs something to spice it up
  • I guess it makes sense for a holy man to forgive people, but I still think it’s a stretch that Jack would forgive his parents for trying to kill him and let them live with him
  • The princess in a Dozen at a Blow is such an airhead! She doesn’t like him because he’s a tailor, and then she changes her mind? There has to be more to it than that!
  • I love the cat from the Earl of Cattenborough, but Jack is kind of ungrateful. I wonder why the cat was so willing to help him.

Bibliography: Europa’s Fairy Book by Joseph Jacobs. Web source.

Image: Cat by cocoparisienne. Source: Pixabay

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