•  I am so not okay with the Swan Maidens. The hunter basically kidnapped the poor girl and then married her and she had two kids, all without him telling her that he had the means for her to go home. When she does find out (and leaves his ass) he steals from strangers to find her, and manages to get her back and they live happily ever after. There’s no way that would ever happen.
  • Honestly, the Visitor from Paradise makes no sense, but I love the ending: “It was and it was not.”
  • Inside again comes full circle in a sad way. I wish the fox had been a tab bit smarter
  • I’ve never read a Hansel and Gretel type story that ended like Johnnie and Grizzle, but I still question the idea of wanting to go back the the parents that abandoned you
  • Thumbkin is smart and savvy, but I can’t say that I condone his methods

Bibliography: Europa’s Fairy Book by Joseph Jacobs. Web source.

Image: 2008 Swan Lake Production. Source: Wikimedia

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