•  The princess from the princess and the frog is a spoiled brat. I cannot imagine anyone in their right mind wanting to marry her, even if she did break his curse
  • Pretty standard Rapunzel story. Even though it’s traditional, I think I prefer the Disney version.
  • Some of these stories seem to be very heavy on the “be happy with what you have and don’t ask for more” moral. I wonder if that’s because of the time period in which they were written
  • I didn’t know that the Brothers Grimm wrote lighthearted stories like the Traveling Musicians
  • What the heck is this Clever Elsie nonsense? I sure wouldn’t have married her
  • I love that it wasn’t the prince’s kiss that woke Briar Rose. The 100 years were up and the curse was already broken. I think it’s hilarious!

Bibliography: Fairy Tales by the Bothers Grimm. Web source.

Image: Rose Bush by Lynn Greyling. Source: PublicDomainPictures

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