• I’ve always thought that the Princess and the Pea was a silly story. Why would you want a princess as sensitive as all that? If I rewrote this the princess would be tested on her kindheartedness or bravery or wisdom, not how sensitive her skin is.
  • I have no plans to rewrite the Emperor’s New Suit because it is perfect just the way it is!
  • Honestly the Brave Tin Soldier is depressing. He wished for a wife and because of it, they both died. The dancer isn’t even a part of the story really. What if she didn’t like him? Why should she be punished for a wish she didn’t know anything about. It just isn’t fair.
  • I’d say the wicked prince got exactly what he deserved. The only thing that would make it better is if it was one of the people he wronged that ended him instead of a little gnat. Maybe a little kid who’s nickname was gnat, or a conquered citizen who was told he had less worth than a gnat?
  • So, I’ve read the story of the Little Match Girl before, but not like this. The one I read was very sad and hopeless but this one is kind of nice, in a weird way. The girl doesn’t realize that she’s dying. It might be nice to write it from the grandmother’s point of view, as if she knows that her granddaughter is going to die and sends her lovely images in the glow of the match. That way the girl isn’t scared and sees the wonderful things she can have in heaven.

Bibliography: Fairy Tales and Stories by Hans Christian Anderson. Web source.

Image: Match Smoke by Andrew Magill. Source: Flickr

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