• ¬†Why were the children taken to the woods in Babes in the Wood? Did they do something wrong or misbehave?
  • I feel like Robbin the Bobbin is secretly the story of a cannibalistic serial killer
  • Lady Wind would make a good story if it was told from the wind’s point of view’
  • Taffy was a Welshman could also be a fun story, no matter who’s point of view it was from
  • The rhyme about sneezing would be a funny premise for a rom com. Someone sneezes on a Tuesday and accidentally meets the love of their life
  • I love the Monday’s Child one! It’s something that my grandmother said to my mom when I was born on a Wednesday
  • I wonder what little Bo-peep was doing when she lost her sheep
  • Tom, the Piper’s son is kind of mean, but I bet I could make a fun story out of that
  • The pretty maid goes a-milking is awesome and I’d love to write that up longer
  • It’s kind of funny to see the Queen of Hearts, since I also read Alice in Wonderland this week
  • The trip to St. Ives would make a cool story

Bibliography: The Nursery Rhyme Book by Andrew Lang. Web Source.

Image: Nursery Rhymes by Edward Cogger. Source: Wikimedia

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