•  I’ve read plenty of stories about Robin Hood pretending to be a beggar or sheppard or anything under the sun. I’d like to see one where he pretends to be himself, but no one believes him. Or one where he pretends to be someone rich and powerful instead of impoverished, just for variety.
  • Little John going begging makes no sense. How could he have gotten 300 pounds from beggars?
  • I like the story of Robin switching places with the old woman. It seems the most similar to the Robin Hood stories I’m familiar with.
  • I like this version of Maid Marion! She didn’t wait around and fret about Robin Hood, she disguised herself as a man and went searching for him! If I write a story, it’ll probably be about Marion and what she was doing as she looked for Robin
  • The trickster is tricked! I like the king and how he was able to fool Robin Hood. I feel like Robin and the Sheriff wouldn’t be able to make up though.
  • I find it interesting that there is several different versions of Robin Hood’s death, but I prefer the one where he dies fighting, even though him shooting an arrow to mark his grave is nice imagery

Bibliography: Bibliography: The English and Scottish Popular Ballads collected by Francis James Child.

Image: Lucy Griffiths as Maid Marion. Source: Fanpop

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