• Honestly I don’t really want to finish this story because it’s so repetitive, but I feel like I’m too invested to quit now
  • I feel as if it might be a tad bit more realistic if the king told the Goblin to shut up and stop telling stories. That would make everyone’s lives easier!
  • I like how the story about the thief was a trick question. The thief both laughed and cried
  • I’m not sure how I feel about the story of the man who switched bodies with the dead boy. It seems like a bad thing to do, but the morality isn’t mentioned. I’m not sure how I feel about these stories. I like that they’re different but I don’t know if that makes me like the stories themselves
  • I like that the king didn’t win anything. He just talked to the Goblin and played his game, which made the goblin happy enough to help the king. That’s probably the best part of the story so far

Bibliography: Twenty-Two Goblins translated by Arthur W Ryder. Web Source.

Image: Shiva by ManasMishra31. Source: Wikimedia

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