Feedback in: I think a lot of the comments I’ve have been receiving this semester have been very nice and well thought out, but honestly I would prefer more criticism. I don’t exactly have the highest opinion of my own writing (I don’t think I’m horrible, but I’m also trying to avoid hubris). I think my writing style and tone is often too elaborate, so the most helpful comments are the ones that address that, in a positive or negative way.

Feedback out: I definitely think my commenting needs to improve. Despite the fact that I say others are being too nice, I find myself falling into that trap a lot. I want to let them know that their work is good and that I enjoyed it so much that I’ll emphasize that over anything I think they can improve. I also haven’t been getting much practice, so that’s a problem.

Blog Comments: I’m happy with my space, and I feel like I am getting a taste of different people’s personalities through the comments they leave. I’m also really glad that I included my shot glass collection, because most people seem to find it pretty interesting.

Looking forward: I won’t be making any changes to my blog, but I do need to make a change with my feedback and commenting. Namely, I need to start doing it much more consistently. The cat in the picture says to study hard and then take a break, but I’ve been having problems with too many breaks and not enough studying, so fixing that is a place to start. I also know how nice it is to have people reading my blog, and I want other people to have that experience as well.


Image: Growth Mindset Cat. Source: Cheezburger

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