Maid Marian or Marian Fitzwater is such an iconic part of any Robin Hood retelling. She is also super inspiring and I love that the “old fashioned” tales have a strong feminist character. I read about Robin Hood and Maid Marian for the reading this week, so I started here for my Wikipedia trail!

Among all the cool information about the legends of Robin Hood and Marian, there was a list of literary adaptions, including one by Robin McKinley. I followed that link, because she is the author of some of my favorite books! My personal favorite book that she wrote is called The Blue Sword. It’s set in a fictional world called Damar (McKinley has written several stories and books set here) and about a girl named Harry who has to learn to be a soldier and help save her home. It’s kind of awesome! So I obviously had to follow that link on McKinley’s Wiki page.

Honestly there really weren’t that many links on The Blue Sword’s Wiki page (whoops), but there was a link to The Hero and the Crown, which was the sequel to The Blue Sword and the first Robin McKinley book I ever read – although the book itself is technically a prequel to the events that happen in the Blue Sword. Researching these books makes me want to read them, and other classic books like them, all over again. Maybe I’ll find time to do that over winter break!

Image: The Blue Sword book cover. Source: Wikimedia



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