I decided to start my Wikipedia Trail at Noir Fiction, because that’s the style of writing I’m trying to emulate for my project, and I wanted to refresh my memory as I keep working on it. In the article there was a section describing different variants of Noir, including Mediterranean, which linked to the Mediterranean Sea.

I decided to head over the the Mediterranean Sea for the sheer randomness of that link, as well as the fact that some of my favorite places in the world are in the Mediterranean. The wiki article described the history, among other things, of the body of water, including the fact that the Romans used to call it the Mare Nostrum meaning “Our Sea” in Latin. Kind of presumptuous of them, in my opinion. But this caught my eye because I actually learned about this from one of my favorite book series. Apparently Mussolini tried to bring the term back during World War II, but we all know how well that went over for him. There was a link in the article to Mussolini’s good friend Adolf Hitler though.

Once I got to Hitler I basically called it day. As interesting as it was that I could get all the way to his wiki biography from Noir Fiction, I really had no desire to read about him. There are just some things I don’t want to read about I guess.

Image: Servizio fotografico by Paulo Monti. Source: Wikimedia

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