For this episode of Wikipedia Trails, I started with Bluebeard. Why, you ask? Because I’m considering including him in my project and I’ve been doing a lot of research, so I guess he’s on the mind.

From Bluebeard I clicked over to “Serial Killer,” which is honestly understandable if you know anything at all about the fairy tale. This page was honestly disturbing and had way more information about different types of murder than I ever needed in my life.

On the Serial Killer Wikipedia page there’s a link to Victorian Era, so I followed that. Let me tell you, that is one comprehensive wiki page; everything about everything is on there, from Queen Victoria and her family to birth and death rates, political policy and everything in between.

The Victorian Era page also included popular entertainment from the time, including famous authors, which is how I found my way to Charlotte Brontë. I’ve read Jane Eyre and, while it isn’t one of my favorites, I can respect the novel for the classic piece of literature that it is.

It was really cool to see how connected everything is, especially on the interwebs. Who knows where I’ll end up next time!

Image: Photo of “You are here graffiti.” Source: Public Domain Pictures

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