Write ~600 words of an introduction for the story about the character you created last week.

Genre Writing – Week Two


The doorbell rang, distracting Adeline from her perusal of the reports. She glanced around the office quickly, checking to make sure everything was in its place, and buzzed the door open. Checking the nameplate on her desk – she couldn’t remember who she was pretending to be for the day – she smiled. Josie Branch was her favourite fake persona, and the prospect of a new client was always exciting. As the visitor approached her desk she sang out “Hi, welcome to Weston detecting. How may we help you today?”

The man looked up from his study of the floor and looked at Adeline’s nameplate instead. He was white and rather pudgy, probably an office worker, in a suit that didn’t quite fit properly. He had boring brown hair and eyes, a blank expression, and he looked to be in his mid-thirties. “I need to speak with Mr Weston,” the man said finally, with a deep voice that Adeline didn’t expect from his appearance.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Weston is out at the moment. Are you able to pass your information to me? I’ll make sure to pass it to him personally,” Adeline suggested with a winning smile.

“Well, Miss – Branch, is it? – Someone is following me. I would like Mr. Weston’s help in figuring out who.

Adeline thought for a quick moment. This man was an interesting puzzle. He didn’t doubt that he was being followed, or seem embarrassed to admit suspicion. He also didn’t ask for help figuring out why, making Adeline think… But all that would have to wait; the man looked at her expectantly.

“Why don’t you pull up a chair and tell me everything you know” she suggested. “I’ll take notes and give them to Mr. Weston. He will contact you before the end of the week.”

He sighed forcefully, dropping into a chair. “Fine. My name is Robert Grainley. I’ve been followed, as far as I can tell, everywhere I’ve gone for the past two weeks.”


Adeline’s eyes sparkled as Robert Grainley left her office. Everything he had told her suggested that he would be a perfect client. But, in her experience, perfect meant planned. This prospective client raised hairs on the back of her neck. She decided to go home, do some thinking and get ready for her meetings that evening. Before she left she stomped into Mr. Weston’s office; her office really, but nobody needed to know that. She gathered up some files that might be useful while she decided what to do about Robert Grainley and she made sure to turn on the security alarm. After all, her business would only continue so long as all the secrets in her possession remained secrets.


From across the street Robert Grainley watched the woman who called herself Josie Branch lock up the office and leave. He knew that this women wouldn’t be able to resist the case that he had just dangled in front of her. She would go after it with everything she had and he would be ready. This time, Adeline Veroe wouldn’t walk away so easily.

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