I decided that I didn’t like the fantasy piece that I wrote for last week, so this week I started over! I think this one is much more fun!

Genre Writing – Week Six


Charlie was relaxing in her tower with her black cat Theo and a cup of green tea after a long day of reading dusty old manuscripts. All she wanted to do was lounge in her favourite overstuffed armchair and rest her eyes. But Theo blinked at Charlie and twitched his tail as if he was telling her something. Which, in fact, he was.

Someone is coming. The cat rested his head back on his paws smugly. It sounds like they’re wearing armour too.

Charlie groaned. Theo was laughing at her because anther idiot thought that her tower was the one that Rapunzel lived in. Never mind that there hadn’t been any fairy tales in the area for as long as Charlie had lived there and Rapunzel was already happily rescued.

Charlie stomped to the wall and jerked open the shutters. “Rapunzel doesn’t live here! Go away!” she yelled before slamming the shutters shut.

A timid voice called up to the window. “Um, sorry but I’m not looking for Rapunzel. Or not sorry actually, since she isn’t here anyway. I’m looking for a witch named Charlotte. Do you perhaps know where I can find her? I need some help you see. My father…” Charlie stopped listening to the boy’s babble.

Charlie stuck her head out the window again. “I’m not a witch, I’m a wizard! And it’s Charlie. But you might as well come up.”

The boy’s garbled question of how he was supposed to get to the top of a tower was cut off when the door to the stairs suddenly popped into existence in front of him. Her peaceful evening seemed to be disappearing before her eyes.

“Theo, come here.” Theo didn’t even bother to look at Charlie; he just twitched his tail at her, waiting. “Please?” Theo got to his feet and washed a paw before strolling jumping into Charlie’s lap. She started scratching the back of his neck. “Who is this boy” she asked once Theo started purring. He liked to spend time in the town and could go most anywhere he pleased. Like any cat, he liked to be contrary; but she could get him to share information, if he was in a good mood.

I want cream with supper. Charlie nodded. He is the Crown Prince and he doesn’t like cats. Charlie could tell that Theo didn’t like this boy, and Theo tended to be an excellent judge of character.

The boy – prince – finally made it to the top of the tower and burst into the room. “Witch Charlotte, I mean Charlie..? I need your help. My father –“

“I’m not a witch” Charlie growled, cutting him off. “I’m a wizard. We need to get that cleared up straight away.”

“But… What’s the difference? Isn’t a witch just a female wizard?”

Charlie rubbed her temples. Would she have to have the same conversation with every person she met? “A witch can only use magic. A wizard can also use magic, but he or she can also store magic if they want to.”

The prince was practically bouncing at this point. “Oh, good! Do you have some extra?”

“I… What? Why don’t you sit down and tell me what this is all about.”

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